Monday, May 27, 2013

Moving On!

Finally back to the blog, it will now let me upload pictures which is the fun part anyways! 
It's been an amazing 6 months since we've last posted...
so I think I'll start with our big move:)

After nearly 5 years of being here in Logan married we FINALLY have left our lovely abode, also known as Aggie Village!

It was a great start for us and we have made so many memories and some of our best friends here(:
It definitely served it's purpose!

We had been looking for a new place here and there over the years, but more recently began searching again because we wouldn't be penalized for moving out in the summer!

After looking into quite a few places we stumbled upon a town home that looked great on a monday, so we did the walk through then and put our application in. We found out we got it late that thursday and moved the following Monday. Talk about CRAZY, but we LOVE it!

Here's our new abode #3,

Hopefully we'll meet more people to call our best friends, and we are sure we'll be making great memories here too! 

SO here is the tour...


family room views

dining/? area!

we really don't know what to do with this area, it'd be a great office but we really don't need one. it's a home for the love sac at the moment!

dining room
 we actually can sit without worrying about hitting our heads on the cabinets or being in the way of getting into the fridge(:

Hallelujah for a full size oven, dishwasher, and disposal!

utilities closet
where our washer and dryer get to be by each other 
and not to mention, INSIDE(:


guest bedroom

other bedroom

hall bath

master views

it's SO lovely having a bathroom attached to our bedroom!

Needless to say we are really enjoying #3!
It's been awesome not having to drive up a hill everyday and 
we so enjoy our family ward!
Married wards sure are missing out on all of the hysterical old people(: Been a great blessing!!

So if you're ever up in Logan and need a place to stay our door is always open(;


  1. I can't wait to try out the guest!!! You have once again done a great job of making a beautiful home!!!;D

  2. It looks wonderful! Congratulations!! We love you guys!

  3. What a lovely home! Happy to see you guys doing so well. Miss you!

  4. YAY! That looks like a great place :) Nothin' like having your dryer INSIDE! We miss you both!

  5. Super cute house! Congrats! I love older people too, and it seems like I'm getting there faster than I thought haha :)