Monday, May 27, 2013

Moving On!

Finally back to the blog, it will now let me upload pictures which is the fun part anyways! 
It's been an amazing 6 months since we've last posted...
so I think I'll start with our big move:)

After nearly 5 years of being here in Logan married we FINALLY have left our lovely abode, also known as Aggie Village!

It was a great start for us and we have made so many memories and some of our best friends here(:
It definitely served it's purpose!

We had been looking for a new place here and there over the years, but more recently began searching again because we wouldn't be penalized for moving out in the summer!

After looking into quite a few places we stumbled upon a town home that looked great on a monday, so we did the walk through then and put our application in. We found out we got it late that thursday and moved the following Monday. Talk about CRAZY, but we LOVE it!

Here's our new abode #3,

Hopefully we'll meet more people to call our best friends, and we are sure we'll be making great memories here too! 

SO here is the tour...


family room views

dining/? area!

we really don't know what to do with this area, it'd be a great office but we really don't need one. it's a home for the love sac at the moment!

dining room
 we actually can sit without worrying about hitting our heads on the cabinets or being in the way of getting into the fridge(:

Hallelujah for a full size oven, dishwasher, and disposal!

utilities closet
where our washer and dryer get to be by each other 
and not to mention, INSIDE(:


guest bedroom

other bedroom

hall bath

master views

it's SO lovely having a bathroom attached to our bedroom!

Needless to say we are really enjoying #3!
It's been awesome not having to drive up a hill everyday and 
we so enjoy our family ward!
Married wards sure are missing out on all of the hysterical old people(: Been a great blessing!!

So if you're ever up in Logan and need a place to stay our door is always open(;

Sunday, December 2, 2012

October til now!!

Well, I was going to post pictures of October til' now but a little memo popped up saying I'm out of storage for photos. And I don't update often enough to care to pay, so I guess i'll give updates w/out pictures, BORING if you ask me(:

October is a fun month for our family!! We love general conference of course & enjoy celebrating Curt's birthday. He turned the big 26 this year and I surprised him with a watch he's been eyeing for a while now. The pictures are priceless:) 

We also got to go visit our amazing friends the Geary's for a weekend! We carved pumpkins, ate delicious food, and loved catching up with them. Curt made the best spider man pumpkin I've ever seen, darn photo blocker.

November seriously flew by. I don't think we even had pictures to post from november besides Curt attempting the No-shave-novemeber experiment. He lasted about 3 weeks until he got sick of me not kissing him back because he was too pokey:/ Curt worked on Thanksgiving so we stayed here in Logan and spent the day with our wonderful Logan family the Visick's! We had a wonderful meal & so enjoyed our company!

Can't believe it's December already. We put up our decorations & I just love the feeling in a home when the Christmas tree is lit & that'feeling' is in the air. Curt has 2 more weeks of school, no test week and finals week! He has a heavy finals load so we'll be so grateful when they are through. I work until the Friday before Christmas so hopefully I won't be bugging Curt too much to do things with me when he has to study. HE found out he has to work Christmas too so we'll stay here & start making our own little family's traditions. We're bummed we won't be home but are excited to start making memories here too. Then for New Year' we'll get to go home & soak in our families!

We LOVE this time of year & especially loved the 1st Presidency Christmas Devotional view last year's click here:) Such great reminders about where our thoughts & actions should be. 
Looking forward to a Merry Christmas season!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall Update!

It's been a busy, beautiful & fabulous fall!
I am absolutely LOVING my job! This is my school-I found out it's the oldest working school in Utah!

My parents were so sweet & sent me these beautiful flowers for my 1st 'big girl' job!(:

And to top it off I get to work in the temple 2 nights a week! I am loving life & am so grateful for Curt's support in everything. He has been busy, busy, busy-it's definitely one of those years where we only see each other about 10 minutes every night and then every other weekend:/ But we're learning to maximize our time & loving the few minutes we do get to see each other!

A few weeks ago our dear friends & (used to be) neighbors:( came up for a visit! We LOVE the Geary's & had a blast catching up with them. We did a little goofy golfing & laughed a ton!

That same weekend our newest nephew was born Mr. Jaxon! He has SO MUCH HAIR-we LOVE it! It was so fun to facetime & meet him, but we're dying to get to see him in person. Congrats Cody & Steph!

The next weekend Curt had off we headed down to Grantsville to see our other dear friends the Silva's for their little Nora's 1st birthday. Sardine Canyon was BEAUTIFUL!

Ian & Curt putting birthday presents together(:

Cute birthday girl in her finished product(:

That Sunday we were able to watch the Brigham City Temple Dedication! It is a gorgeous temple with such amazing detail, it definitely is a sight to see

 Just today we were able to drive up to Logan Peak! I have never heard of it before in all of the 5 years I've been here but a co-worker mentioned how neat it is this time of year so we took a little jaunt up there in Miss Ruby!

It was stunning!

Looking forward to soaking in some more amazing fall colors & especially for General Conference-WOOHOO...happy fall!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Rest of AZ...

FLOWERS:One of my favorite things about being in AZ is helping my Dad in the yard. This summer we planted zinnia's from seed!
They seriously broke through the ground in a day or two and before we knew it there were green stems everywhere!

Soon we had pops of color sporadically...

Then they bloomed all over!!(:

BIRTHDAY:Curt TOTALLY surprised me this year for my birthday with another band for my wedding ring!
Apparently it didn't come in on time at the last minute 
so he made an origami version of it and gave it to me in my original box! Very clever & so sweet 

It came in a few days later & I LOVE IT!!!

MONSOONS:Another favorite of ours is the monsoon season in AZ! 
One day in particular it dumped rain and Curt & I came home to seeing my parents out playing in it, HILARIOUS! (Love them)

Then my mom convinced us to go play too!(:
Such fun memories!

 BASEBALL:We also got to go see a Diamondbacks game and sit in the all you can eat seats!! The game wasn't the greatest, but we sure made it fun anyways(:

We had such an amazing summer with our families! SO grateful for all the memories, definitely missed Chris, Rachel, Anna, Calin, and Ammon though:/

We made it back to Logan and are all settled in ready for our next adventure(: We look forward to seeing AZ again soon.
Loving the idea that there are flights now from Ogden to Gateway(: