Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall Update!

It's been a busy, beautiful & fabulous fall!
I am absolutely LOVING my job! This is my school-I found out it's the oldest working school in Utah!

My parents were so sweet & sent me these beautiful flowers for my 1st 'big girl' job!(:

And to top it off I get to work in the temple 2 nights a week! I am loving life & am so grateful for Curt's support in everything. He has been busy, busy, busy-it's definitely one of those years where we only see each other about 10 minutes every night and then every other weekend:/ But we're learning to maximize our time & loving the few minutes we do get to see each other!

A few weeks ago our dear friends & (used to be) neighbors:( came up for a visit! We LOVE the Geary's & had a blast catching up with them. We did a little goofy golfing & laughed a ton!

That same weekend our newest nephew was born Mr. Jaxon! He has SO MUCH HAIR-we LOVE it! It was so fun to facetime & meet him, but we're dying to get to see him in person. Congrats Cody & Steph!

The next weekend Curt had off we headed down to Grantsville to see our other dear friends the Silva's for their little Nora's 1st birthday. Sardine Canyon was BEAUTIFUL!

Ian & Curt putting birthday presents together(:

Cute birthday girl in her finished product(:

That Sunday we were able to watch the Brigham City Temple Dedication! It is a gorgeous temple with such amazing detail, it definitely is a sight to see

 Just today we were able to drive up to Logan Peak! I have never heard of it before in all of the 5 years I've been here but a co-worker mentioned how neat it is this time of year so we took a little jaunt up there in Miss Ruby!

It was stunning!

Looking forward to soaking in some more amazing fall colors & especially for General Conference-WOOHOO...happy fall!


  1. ah! those fall pictures are beautiful! so jealous of utah's fall! and those flowers are so pretty! good luck with your new job!

  2. I miss you so much, and I miss being there this week. Life is crazy huh, but oh so good at the same time. I love all of the pictures but I have to say I love the picture of your adorable little old school. That is so great. I have always loved old school buildings. You are amazing and doing such great things in your life, I am so proud of you. Make all the seconds together count. I know you will, and hopefully I will get to be there for the next conference. Too many fun memories to let that one pass as well. Beautiful country. (I'm jealous) today will be our first set of a few days in a row in the double digets Wahoooooooo....... Love you

  3. Pretty pictures! I miss Logan sooo much! And congrats on your big girl job! That is cool! You should move down this way and team teach with my husband at his school. Their female coach just had a baby... Anyways, Hope you and Curt are doing well!