Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Rest of AZ...

FLOWERS:One of my favorite things about being in AZ is helping my Dad in the yard. This summer we planted zinnia's from seed!
They seriously broke through the ground in a day or two and before we knew it there were green stems everywhere!

Soon we had pops of color sporadically...

Then they bloomed all over!!(:

BIRTHDAY:Curt TOTALLY surprised me this year for my birthday with another band for my wedding ring!
Apparently it didn't come in on time at the last minute 
so he made an origami version of it and gave it to me in my original box! Very clever & so sweet 

It came in a few days later & I LOVE IT!!!

MONSOONS:Another favorite of ours is the monsoon season in AZ! 
One day in particular it dumped rain and Curt & I came home to seeing my parents out playing in it, HILARIOUS! (Love them)

Then my mom convinced us to go play too!(:
Such fun memories!

 BASEBALL:We also got to go see a Diamondbacks game and sit in the all you can eat seats!! The game wasn't the greatest, but we sure made it fun anyways(:

We had such an amazing summer with our families! SO grateful for all the memories, definitely missed Chris, Rachel, Anna, Calin, and Ammon though:/

We made it back to Logan and are all settled in ready for our next adventure(: We look forward to seeing AZ again soon.
Loving the idea that there are flights now from Ogden to Gateway(:


  1. so loved you being here! even though we didn't get to spend much time together it was still nice seeing you :) love you! and LOVE the video of mom and you! HILARIOUS!!! fabulous memories :)

  2. I miss you both so bad. It was a riot, a total blast and everyday brought new adventure. We certainly look forward to the next arizona adventure, or maybe us in logan, who cares where as long as we are making memories together forever. Love the video, I have to say on the top of my you have a great first semester of teaching, you are going to be amazing I wish I was an elemtary kid at your school.

  3. How fun is that! I do miss the Diamondbacks, and the rain here doesn't have that beautiful Arizona scent. *sigh*

    Congrats on a fun time and you will be a great teacher!

  4. Oh my gosh the video was HILARIOUS! And love the cartwheel!! Well ARizona misses you guys too. Hurry and come back....for good!

  5. I've always loved seeing the flowers in your parents yard: always beautiful! And I'm so jealous you got to be home for monsoons, besides my family that's what I miss most about AZ. Glad you guys are doing great :) Love and miss you.

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